Frequently asked questions


How do I upload a recording to your web site?

After finishing a prank call and having actively chosen to record it, the recording is available on your profile page. If you click on the globe, the recording will be available to the public on the top chart.

Questions for the caller

What happens if no one answers my call?

If your friend does not answer, or if you end up in an answering service, or if the line is busy, then there is no point with the prank call. Press # to finish. Then return and try prank calling another number. Your call will be charged even if no one answers it. We do not take responsibility for whether your friends answer or not. We do not accept rejection of calls for this reason.

What is the charge for calling?

Our prank calls cost £1.00/min. There are no charges if you hang up within 10 seconds of calling the service. Every time you call you will hear a voice say "This call will be charged at £1.00/min".

Why did they not hear anything?

You control the prank yourself by pressing the keys 1 to 9 on your phone. You can see the phrases that are played on the relevant page for each specific prank. If you are pressing the keys but your friend still does not hear the phrases properly, then the reason may be that your friend has a poor connection or there is some other technical issue outside our control. The service calls your friend on the normal phone network. Sometimes your friend may have a poor connection, or other errors may occur in the operator's network causing call connections to fail - which there's always a risk of with all phone calls. Unfortunately, this is not something we can influence. Instead, try again and hopefully it will work next time.

Why can't I call the number to

Your phone subscription must be approved for payment calls. Your operator controls whether this is approved or not. If not, you will hear a message saying your subscription is blocked for payment calls, or you will hear a busy signal. Simply use another phone to call

Can the receiver find out that it was me that made the prank call?

During the phone call, the number from which the call is made is showing as Hidden Phone Number. After the call we can, upon request from the call receiver, disclose information about the prank caller. This is to prevent the service from being used in an unwanted manner. Further, the prank call is in no way funnier because the receiver is in the dark about who made the prank call!

What will be shown on my phone bill?

Phone calls made to will show as "Tilf AB" on your phone bill. Each phone call is specified individually with the exact charge for each call.

Why can't I make a call during nighttime?

The main reason is that we want to offer a service that is fun for all parties - both caller and receiver. Receiving a call during nighttime will reduce the likelihood of the receiver appreciating the call to the same extent as if it was received during daytime. That's why the service is blocked between 12am and 6am every day.

Questions for the call receiver

I have had a phone call from someone who's using your service. I would like to know who called me. Is that possible?

Yes, send us an e-mail and let us know your phone number, date and time of the prank call and we will try and retrieve information about who called you.

I don't want to receive calls from people using your services. Can it be blocked?

Yes, that's possible.Contact us and provide the number you want to block, then we will fix that!


Misuse of the service

Do you believe that someone is misusing the service to discredit someone? This is a serious issue to us and we can block that person from using the service.Contact us and provide the number you want to block, then we will fix that!!

Other questions?

Still something you want to ask? If so, don't hesitate to contact the support.