User terms and conditions

By using our services you agree to our terms and conditions. If you don't agree with our terms and conditions, please don't use our services. The terms and conditions were last updated on April 6, 2017.

The terms and conditions apply between you, being the user, hereinafter referred to as "user", and Tilf AB, who is providing

Service description provides a telephone service whereby the user uses their phone to control pre-recorded prank calls to a friend. The user can also use the service to record the prank call.

Access to the service

You must be at least 18 years of age to use the service, or have permission from a parent or someone with parental responsibilities.

The service cannot be used from a phone with hidden number (but the number appears hidden to the person you are prank calling).

The service is available 7am-12am.

Responsibility for the call

The user is liable to comply with Swedish Law and may not conduct any unlawful actions via the service. The user is also responsible to ensure high ethical and moral standards when using

Service charges

The charge relates to the number you are calling and applies from the time you call the service until you hang up your phone.

Storing of data

The user agrees to call information being stored at Information that may be stored include the user's phone number, the time of the call, called number, the prank used, name, e-mail, address, postal code, town, recording (only after agreement from the caller) and other technical information that can be linked to the call.

Releasing of data

The user agrees to releasing to the holder of the called number, all data that can be linked to a prank call made to the holder.


General owns the rights to the recordings made through the service.

Publishing recordings on the web site

All recordings made by you are available on our web site. Normally they are only visible with a direct link. You can change the setting to private, meaning only you can see the recording when you are logged on, or to public in which case it is published on our top chart.

The recording will be published on the web site indefinitely.

Spreading of recording

The user has the right to spread the recording for non-commercial use. Any commercial use requires prior approval from

Deletion of recordings

The user acknowledges that has the right to delete a recording that may seem offensive, violating or is in breach of Swedish Law. The user or the called party can, at any time, contact and request deletion of a published prank call.

Comments to published prank calls

  • It is not permitted to make any comments that may disclose the identity of the parties in the recording, such as place, address, name or phone number.
  • It is not permitted to make a comment that may be perceived as personal attack, racist expression or discrediting of a person or groups of people.
  • In addition, you must always comply with Swedish Law when you write comments on

Blocking has the right to block a user from using the service if deems that the user has misused the service. Blocking a user can be done without justification from

Service maintenance may temporarily close down the service for maintenance purposes. Planned maintenance is always conducted during early morning hours, when usage is low.

Damage claims

You commit to keeping and any of its affiliated companies, personnel, agents and other partners and their employees free from any claims in relation to loss, liability, demand or requirement, including reasonable agent fees, that may be made by third parties in relation to your use of the services.