This is how you use

Step 1: Chose the prank you want to use

Browse through the categories. All pranks are categorised to let you browse through all our pranks.

Try and find a prank suitable for the person you are calling. Many pranks are suitable for anyone at anytime - make sure to find a prank that's suitable!

Step 2: Call the service

First, ensure you have permission to make the call from the person responsible for the phone subscription!

Call 0905 757 0077 (£1.00/min). An additional charge applies if you are calling from a mobile phone. It is not possible to call from a hidden phone number (however, the calling phone number will appear as hidden to the receiver). We will then guide you through the various selections available.

Choose prank call

You are now selecting the theme of your prank call by entering the prank code followed by #. The code is found on the page of the prank you have selected. You can also press * to choose a prank from a top chart.

Step 3: Calling the person you are about to prank

You now have the option to record the prank, and allow yourself and others to listen to it later. Press 1 if you want to record the prank, otherwise press 2.

Dial your friend’s phone number including area code but without country code followed by #. The call is now being connected. It may take a few seconds, so please be patient!

Step 4: Control the prank

When your friend has picked up the call, you control the conversation by pressing keys 1-9 on your phone. Listen to your friend’s responses and choose the best option for an answer.

Sometimes the same key corresponds to several phrases. The first time you press the key, the first phrase is played. The second time you press the key, the second phrase is played, and so on. After having played the last phrase for a key, the first phrase will be played again next time you press that key.

Your friend can't hear you, so you can laugh out loud as much as you want!

When your friend suspects something fishy is going on, it may be time to reveal yourself by pressing 0. You can then enter the conversation and let them know it was simply a joke.

You can also use this function to talk to a receptionist when you want to be connected to a friend. Just press 0 again to conceal yourself when your friend picks up. You can keep controlling the prank conversation after having pressed 0.

Finish the prank by pressing #.

Step 5: Your recorded prank call

If you opted to record the prank, you will receive an SMS after having finished the call, with a link to the recording. If you are calling from a fixed line, you need to log in to your account to access the recording.

You may also choose to publish your prank on the top chart on by going to your recordings under My Account