Pull a prank on your friend with a prank call!You control everything from your phone - super easy!

Call ender

Code 20101

A lot of complaints from your friends forces your telephone company to activate a service for you: "The call ender" It automatically end your calls after two minutes and it's only £4 per month.

Call 0905 - 75 70 077


First get permission to use this payment call service from the person paying the phone bill.

  1. Enter 20101# to choose "Call ender".
  2. If you want to record the prank call, press 1, if not press 2.
  3. Choose the number you want to call and hold until the other party picks up.
  4. Control your conversation by pressing the keys on your phone that correspond to the phrases below.
  5. When you have finished your prank, press 0 and you can speak to the person you were pranking.

The person you have been pranking cannot see the number you have called from on their display. However, they can contact us after the prank to check who was pranking them. It is not possible to use Prankcall.co.uk from a phone with hidden number.


Hi, I’m Vanessa I’m calling from your telephone company


A lot of your friends have contacted us because they have had some trouble reaching your phone. They very often get a engage tone.


  1. Are you talking a lot in your telephone?
  2. You know talking so much in your phone that other people are having difficulties reaching you is actuall very rude.


  1. This may be your lucky day, because we have just launched a new service: “The call ender”
  2. It’s a service that automatically will end your calls after 2 minutes.


It’s really very good. I have tried it myself and it forced me to shorten my calls and it’s now much easier for other people to get in touch with me.


  1. I have also activated the service for my boyfriend, dad, mum and two of my best friends.
  2. And it's great now, because when I want to talk to them I don't ever have to wait any longer than 2 minutes.


It’s only £4 per month and the service is already activated because of all the previous complaints about your phone


We have to go now before we are cut of. Because the two minutes is almost up


Oh, one more thing if you want to cancel the service, you are free to do so after three months. Bye! Thanks for using call ender!



Enter and leave the conversation.


Finish the call.