Pull a prank on your friend with a prank call!You control everything from your phone - super easy!

Extra tenant in your apartment

Code 20106

Your landlord calls you to complaining about that you have sex to loud. As punishment you will have an extra tenant living in your apartment.

Call 0905 - 75 70 077


First get permission to use this payment call service from the person paying the phone bill.

  1. Enter 20106# to choose "Extra tenant in your apartment".
  2. If you want to record the prank call, press 1, if not press 2.
  3. Choose the number you want to call and hold until the other party picks up.
  4. Control your conversation by pressing the keys on your phone that correspond to the phrases below.
  5. When you have finished your prank, press 0 and you can speak to the person you were pranking.

The person you have been pranking cannot see the number you have called from on their display. However, they can contact us after the prank to check who was pranking them. It is not possible to use Prankcall.co.uk from a phone with hidden number.


  1. Hi, it's your landlord.
  2. Your landlord.
  3. How are you?


  1. I’ve had some complaints from other tenants.
  2. They’ve been complaining about, well, um, how can I put this, your personal um, sexual antics.
  3. You have sex too loudly!


I understand.


I don’t know what you mean.


  1. You will have one more tenant in your apartment starting from next month.
  2. Your rental agreement that you signed states that I have the power to do this if you break noise regulations, which you have.
  3. I would normally just warn you but I’m afraid I have to do this to save costs. Water costs have sky-rocketed in the last few months.


  1. It’ll probably be an elderly gentleman; I’m sorry to tell you that he has a bad case of flatulence.
  2. A moving service will be dropping off his belongings a week before he arrives, so please make room for them.






  1. I’m sorry but this is the way it has to be.
  2. He will be moving in.
  3. Thanks for your understanding.



Enter and leave the conversation.


Finish the call.