Pull a prank on your friend with a prank call!You control everything from your phone - super easy!


Code 20133

Calling about the Refrigerator you ordered. Oh, didn't you order one? Maybe some money under the table?

Call 0905 - 75 70 077


First get permission to use this payment call service from the person paying the phone bill.

  1. Enter 20133# to choose "Refrigerator".
  2. If you want to record the prank call, press 1, if not press 2.
  3. Choose the number you want to call and hold until the other party picks up.
  4. Control your conversation by pressing the keys on your phone that correspond to the phrases below.
  5. When you have finished your prank, press 0 and you can speak to the person you were pranking.

The person you have been pranking cannot see the number you have called from on their display. However, they can contact us after the prank to check who was pranking them. It is not possible to use Prankcall.co.uk from a phone with hidden number.


  1. I am calling from Express Delivery, we have a refrigerator for you here.
  2. Yes, well, we have a refrigerator for you here.
  3. My name is Benny


  1. Yes!
  2. No!
  3. We deliver!


  1. I work at Express Delivery. We are a courier service.
  2. It is from Fridgefreezer.co.uk


  1. No, I just have this number, no exact address.
  2. Where do you live?
  3. When are you home?


  1. Uh, they sell a fridge and freezer in the internet ... I think
  2. No, I know, "refrigerator" it says in the note.
  3. Should I ask them to phone you?


  1. You haven't ordered it?
  2. I only follow the rules...


  1. They only require a phone subscription as a security for the order.
  2. They find the city and then the subscription information.
  3. Undelivered packages have a handling fee of 300 pounds.


  1. Should I ask them to give you a telephone call?
  2. You can get it for 100 pound under the table and I'll tell em that I dropped it or something.
  3. Nah, I don't give a shit about that.


  1. Right. You don't know anyone else who wants to have a refrigerator?
  2. I need to get cash upfront. 649 pounds



Enter and leave the conversation.


Finish the call.