Pull a prank on your friend with a prank call!You control everything from your phone - super easy!

Student of the year

Code 20111

A reporter from the local magazine calls you to interview because you are elected student of the year on your school!

Call 0905 - 75 70 077


First get permission to use this payment call service from the person paying the phone bill.

  1. Enter 20111# to choose "Student of the year".
  2. If you want to record the prank call, press 1, if not press 2.
  3. Choose the number you want to call and hold until the other party picks up.
  4. Control your conversation by pressing the keys on your phone that correspond to the phrases below.
  5. When you have finished your prank, press 0 and you can speak to the person you were pranking.

The person you have been pranking cannot see the number you have called from on their display. However, they can contact us after the prank to check who was pranking them. It is not possible to use Prankcall.co.uk from a phone with hidden number.


  1. Hello and congratulations! You have been elected to student of the year on your school!
  2. Yes, it’s true! You have been elected Student of the Year at your school


  1. My name is Sara and I work as a journalist for the Oxford Reports Magasine
  2. I got a phonecall from the principle at your school that you have been rewarded Student of the Year at your school. He told me that it’s still a secret and you’re the first to find out about it!


  1. Do you have time to answer a few questions? It will only take a couple of minutes.
  2. How old are you?
  3. What is your favorite subject?


  1. What do you like doing on your spare time?
  2. Tell me something fun about yourself that no one else knows about.
  3. Who do you think is the best teacher in your school?


  1. Would you be interested in getting it together with that teacher?
  2. Or maybe you fancied a little bit about one of the substitute teachers you've had?
  3. Have you ever had a sexual relationship with a teacher?


  1. Are you attracted to male or female teachers the most?
  2. hm.. What do you like to see the female teachers wearing? Short kirts or low tops? or both?


  1. What? Not even a little?
  2. Common! I find that hard to believe!


  1. Hm...
  2. That's interesting...
  3. Aha...


  1. Oh! Tell me more!
  2. You didn't!



Enter and leave the conversation.


Finish the call.